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Confidence Gap; Sex Assault Normalized;<br>Jesus Feminist

Confidence Gap; Sex Assault Normalized;
Jesus Feminist

Confidence Gap: Is a lack of confidence the main thing holding women back? Sexual Assault: Young people report seeing ...


TTC Extra: The Perfect Man and Woman?

TTC Extra: The Perfect Man and Woman?

Men and women's perception of the "perfect" body varies, according to a new poll conducted by a lingerie company. PANEL: ...


Leave Hillary and her grandchild alone!

April 21, 2014 Leave Hillary and her grandchild alone!

Punditry flashed its ugly underbelly this week following last week's announcement that Chelsea Clinton is pregnant. The response to the news ranged from the ridiculous to the sublime. Some pundits wondered how being a grandmother would impact Hillary Clinton's campaign, or, perish the thought, her presidency. The answer is NOT. Has anyone wondered how Jeb Bush's grandchildren would impact his campaign? Or how Mitt Romney managed to campaign for President while having 18 grandchildren?  Enough said!

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Confidence Gap; Sex Assault Normalized; Jesus Feminist

April 18, 2014 Confidence Gap; Sex Assault Normalized; Jesus Feminist

This week on To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe, our panelists discuss The Confidence Gap by journalists Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, the disturbing acceptance of sex assault, and whether Jesus was a feminist.

On the panel this week joining host  Bonnie Erbe is Progressive Magazine Editor-in-chief Ruth Conniff,  Former EEOC Chair Cari Dominguez, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), The Heritage Foundation’s Genevieve Wood

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Women's News

For Working Women, Focus On Beauty Erodes Self Confidence

April 23, 2014  | Read More »

Girls gain approval for being good, perfect, pretty and very early on it sets them on the course to continue looking for this type of reinforcement. Such praise and their confidence grow intertwined. Phrases like, “you are so good,” and “look how pretty your are,” inspire girls and later trap women.

Why Are Pregnant Women Criticized for Exercising?

Why Are Pregnant Women Criticized for Exercising?

April 23, 2014  | Read More »

Sarah Haley, who specializes in pregnancy fitness, incorporates a combination of pull-ups, tricep dips, dead lifts, and lunges into her workout routine. But the constant stares, whispers, and comments in the gym make her feel as though she's being ganged up on.

With Eyes on a Possible Clinton Run, Debate on a 2-Woman Ticket

April 23, 2014  | Read More »

Will Hillary Clinton's nomination hinder other women candidates?

Dove Commercial Parody Shows How “Real Beauty” Campaign Condescends to Women

April 23, 2014  | Read More »

Watch this parody of Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign.

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About the Host - Bonnie Erbé

To The Contrary Host: Bonnie Erbé

Bonnie Erbé is a nonpartisan, award-winning American journalist and television host based in the Washington, D.C. area who has ...

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